Stand Installation and Takedown

We offer a complete exhibition stand installation, support and takedown service with an experienced team familiar with the rules and requirements at exhibitions and the specifics of your stand.

Often the team putting up your stand will have been the same team involved in its creation, so they know exactly what is required and how the stand is assembled. For this reason, Exhibitor Club do not create stands and then pass these to other companies to install - we install all our stands ourselves as we find this greatly improves the success and efficiency of the process for both our installation team and our clients.

Once your stand is finalised, our team will travel anywhere in Europe to assemble it at your exhibition location. Generally speaking, hand-over of the stand will take place on the last day of the installation at the exhibition. Our team will then leave, as no contractors are allowed on site during exhibition opening times.

In the rare event that there is a problem with a stand or something additional is required, our team may return before or after official exhibition opening hours to provide assistance and technical support. As long as you let us know of any problems during the show, we will do our very best to resolve it as promptly as possible.

Once the exhibition is finished, our team will return to take down and remove the stand for you. This means your staff are free to simply leave the exhibition hall when the show is done if they wish - they don't need to arrange to specifically meet our team after the show (who may not be allowed entry until a little while after the hall is cleared anyway, or may have to queue).

If you have any questions about your stand installation or removal, please get in touch – we’ve worked at exhibitions all over Europe and will be happy to help with your specific needs.

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  • WR Ferris

    "I chose to work with Minda because he and the team were so easy to work with. The service was very efficient for a reasonable price."

    Annette from WR Ferris

  • Fuga / UMA Premium Group

    "We very pleased with the way the stand was built. I was with the installation team at Excel and saw first-hand how committed the team were, they looked for minor flaws in construction and resolved everything."

    Konstantin from Fuga / UMA Premium Group

  • Ben Sherman

    "The execution was great, in fact it was the best execution we’ve had yet for Pitti Uomo."

    Rod, Interiors Project Manager, at Ben Sherman

  • J M Asscher

    "The team worked very hard in a short-timeframe. Overall the stand was very good."

    Mark at JM Asscher

  • Grestec Tiles

    "The end product exceeded our expectations. We went for a complete revamp in design for this show, so I was a little nervous about the end result. But the stand was exactly as we asked, absolutely faultless."

    Nicole at Grestec Tiles

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