Custom Exhibition Stands

Why order a custom-built exhibition stand?

A custom-built exhibition stand is the best way to really get your brand noticed on the exhibition show floor. At Exhibitor Club, we produce custom-built stands that ensure the first impression you make really counts. With our bespoke designs you will not only stand out but you will be taken as seriously as your biggest competitor. Our many years of experience and award winning designs mean that we are entrusted with exhibition projects by leading global brands.

A custom-built stand will WOW your audience, meet your exact specifications and challenge your expectations. Our professional advice and dedication to always deliver stands of outstanding quality, means that your individual exhibition stand will also be built to last, which in turn will deliver results for you time after time. Above all, a bespoke exhibition stand will make you look like a market leader.

What to expect when ordering a custom-built exhibition stand?

Working with our team of expert designers, there is virtually no limit to what can be built, so you can get as creative as you like. Whatever you are looking for, we can meet your needs. Add the finishing touches and flourishes that will distinguish your company from other competitors and create an eye-catching display. Some of the most popular features our clients choose include bespoke LED light displays, hanging banners, video walls, kiosk pods with touch screens and interactive displays. The list is really only limited by your imagination.

We also tailor make our services which are designed to meet with a wide variety of applications, so whether you are looking for a large multi-media installation or something more subtle, we can create the perfect stand to impress your customers. No task is too big or too small! Our expert design and installation teams will provide you with the perfect solution.

A custom-built exhibition stand can offer you the creativity of bespoke design with the flexibility and value of a modular system. This flexibility and reusability means that you will get the most from your investment. Exhibition stands can be reconfigured to suit different exhibition spaces and requirements. This would be the ideal solution if you participate at a number of shows each year. It will give you an eye catching and unique design to present to potential customers. The stand will also be ‘exhibition ready’ each time you want to use it, so you will not need to make many modifications. This can also prove to be more cost effective over the long term.

Why choose Exhibitor Club?

Exhibitor Club is a family run business with years of exhibition industry experience and a highly skilled team to design and deliver a unique stand that perfectly represents your brand.

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  • WR Ferris

    "I chose to work with Minda because he and the team were so easy to work with. The service was very efficient for a reasonable price."

    Annette from WR Ferris

  • Fuga / UMA Premium Group

    "We very pleased with the way the stand was built. I was with the installation team at Excel and saw first-hand how committed the team were, they looked for minor flaws in construction and resolved everything."

    Konstantin from Fuga / UMA Premium Group

  • Ben Sherman

    "The execution was great, in fact it was the best execution we’ve had yet for Pitti Uomo."

    Rod, Interiors Project Manager, at Ben Sherman

  • J M Asscher

    "The team worked very hard in a short-timeframe. Overall the stand was very good."

    Mark at JM Asscher

  • Grestec Tiles

    "The end product exceeded our expectations. We went for a complete revamp in design for this show, so I was a little nervous about the end result. But the stand was exactly as we asked, absolutely faultless."

    Nicole at Grestec Tiles

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