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How to set your exhibition objectives

How to set your exhibition objectives

Once the exhibition hall doors close, the adrenalin wears off and the dismantle begins, you’re bound reflect on what you’ve achieved. But you’ll only have a useful answer to this question if you’ve set solid objectives from the beginning.  
And when we say beginning we don’t mean on the first day of the exhibition. Your planning should start much, much earlier.  
We always advise clients to speak to us before booking exhibition space. That way we can make sure that the space you book fits your objectives for the exhibition and your vision for the stand itself. There is also the added benefit that we can help take on the project management and liaise with the venue for you. 
Stand design  
You should always include your exhibition objectives in your stand design brief. Don’t just book space because you went to the show last year or your competitors are there. Consider your specific goals.  
Perhaps you’re trying to launch a new brand, showcase particular products, research the market, attract new contacts for meetings or encourage passing traffic to interact with your products – or a combination. Also consider how the exhibition can help you achieve overarching marketing aims and messaging.  
On the subject of messaging: less is definitely more. A single, reinforced  message is far more effective than trying to make several points in one design.  
Your objectives will affect the overall design, layout and messaging of the finished stand, so it pays to be clear from the outset. 
Create and communicate concrete objectives for the exhibition itself. Measurable targets include:

  • Leads
  • Sales
  • Meetings/appointments
  • Product trials and samples
  • Competition entries

On the day 
Brief your exhibition stand staff so that they understand the aims and are focused on the goals and who to target. Prepare them for the kind of questions that may arise and how to interact with stand visitors. 
Remember to monitor targets daily during the exhibition and review them if needed.  
Follow these few simple steps to get the most out of your exhibition investment and when it’s all over you’ll know exactly what you achieved at your exhibition.  
Find out how Exhibitor Club can help you prepare for your next exhibition. Email info@exhibitorclub.com

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