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How to prepare for your next exhibition

How to prepare for your next exhibition

When our job is done, and your impressive exhibition stand is ready, it’s over to you and your team to make all of that preparation pay off.  

For a successful exhibition you’ll need to select the right team and ensure they’re briefed and motivated before the event.  

Here’s our advice on how to prepare your whole team. Whether you’re briefing your colleagues or external event staff, everyone needs to know just how to make visitors’ interactions memorable.  

Here’s a checklist to help you prepare your exhibition team: 

  • Choose wisely. Recruit a friendly and enthusiastic team who have a good balance of brand and product knowledge and sales experience. Overall your exhibition team needs to be friendly, enthusiastic and up for the challenge 
  • Draw up a rota and stress the importance of having a stand that’s well-staffed, but not over-staffed 
  • Set and share your exhibition objectives, target audience and key messages in advance 
  • Consider pre-event training. Role-plays teach your team how to engage with visitors, ask the right questions and respond to enquiries
  • Prepare literature to help gather leads such as enquiry and competition entry forms
  • Communicate your expectations. This includes dress code and arrival time 
  • Organise on-stand refreshments and a schedule for breaks 
  • Plan to have daily briefings with the team to keep motivation up and discuss how things are going 
  • As well as a debrief with the team after the exhibition, taking the team for a drink will give you a chance to say thanks for all the hard work 

Find out how Exhibitor Club can help you prepare for your next exhibition. Email info@exhibitorclub.com

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