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Don't get caught out! How to avoid late submission fees

Don't get caught out! How to avoid late submission fees

Your to-do list is too long, your day is swamped with meetings and only the most pressing tasks get your attention. We all know how it goes. Hectic schedules mean that exhibitors miss important planning deadlines, which pushes  vital preparations later and later. Sound familiar?

In an attempt to move exhibition planning up the list of priorities, many exhibition organisers have now introduced a late submission fee. The move aims to encourage exhibitors to submit their plans for ‘space only’ bookings within the published deadline and in doing so alleviate last minute pressures on all parties.

But late submission fees don’t do anything to reduce the time pressures on exhibitors, if anything they add to it. So the problem still remains,  only now there’s the risk of an increased spend on penalties.

The answer lies in finding the right exhibition stand contractor. And at Exhibitor Club, we’re more than happy to take the strain. Here’s how…

·      We can start by liaising with the exhibition organiser to book the best space for your event objectives

·      We’ll ensure the submitted plans meet the exhibitor guidelines and talk directly to the organisers on your behalf. This reduces time spent on altering and resubmitting your plans and takes away the risk of resubmitting plans close to the build and putting your vision for the stand in jeopardy.

Why should you lean on your stand contractor?

·      You’ll save on late submission fees and late order surcharges. This leaves you more budget to invest in a high quality exhibition stand and ancillaries.  

·      Get exactly what you want by having your pick of furniture, which often gets booked out close to an event.

·      Planning gives you a better opportunity to really think through your presence at the event, so you can make the most of your brand and your products.

Don’t let a lack of time prevent you from planning ahead – get in touch early and let us do your planning so you can swap stress and additional charges for the perfect preparation. It sounds like a good deal to us.

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